Thank you for choosing to contribute to PyCaret. There are a ton of great open-source projects out there, so we appreciate your interest in contributing to PyCaret. It is an open-source, low-code machine learning library in Python developed and open-sourced in April 2020 by Moez Ali and is now maintained by awesome community members just like you. In this documentation, we will cover a couple of ways you can contribute to this project.


There is always room for improvement in documentation. We welcome all the pull requests to fix typo / improve grammar or semantic structuring of documents. Here are a few documents you can work on:

Open Issues

If you would like to help in working on open issues. Look out for following tags: good first issue help wanted open for contribution

Medium Writers

If you are interested or have already written a Medium story covering PyCaret. You can submit your story in a markdown format. Submit a PR to To convert medium stories into markdown format please download this chrome extension:

Major Contribution

If you are willing to make a major contribution you can always lookout for the active sprint under Projects and discuss the proposal with sprint leader.

What we currently need help on?