pycaret.datasets.get_data(dataset='index', save_copy=False, profile=False, verbose=True, address='')

This function loads sample datasets from git repository. List of available datasets can be checked using get_data('index').


>>> from pycaret.datasets import get_data
>>> all_datasets = get_data('index')
>>> juice = get_data('juice')
dataset: str, default = ‘index’

Index value of dataset.

save_copy: bool, default = False

When set to true, it saves a copy in current working directory.

profile: bool, default = False

When set to true, an interactive EDA report is displayed.

verbose: bool, default = True

When set to False, head of data is not displayed.

address: string, default = “

Download url of dataset. For people have difficulty linking to github, they can change the default address to their own (e.g. “”)




  • Use of get_data requires internet connection.